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Recording & Filming Gabriel Bianco

Andrew had the great privaledge of hosting (alongside Stephen Reck) one of the world's greatest guitarists in his debut London, UK recital at Trinity School Croydon, London.


Andrew's media company KeepingMedia were on hand to record this masterclass performance.


To view the works performed click on the link below to view Gabriel's performance.

If you would like your concert performances recorded and filmed for social media, publicity, sale or just for posterity, click on the link below for more information.


ANDREW has been establishing platforms and initiatives that amplify the voices of disabled artists, fostering a supportive community that celebrates their unique abilities. 

He has been actively engaging with policymakers, industry leaders, and organisations to advocate for greater accessibility.

Andrew was delighted to be recently appointed a Direcor and Council member of the ISM (Independent Society of Musicians).


Filming & Recording projects

A glimpse into some recent projects.

Andrew's Interview series

Andrew has been working on a series of interviews and short films with some of the most influential figures in the guitar world. One of his recent films was nominated for a Film Convert Documentary Award.

The brilliant Will Scott 

Andrew has been filming and recording the amazing Will Scott for a new album and YouTube films. Will recently won 3rd place in the prestigeous Amsterdam International Guitar Competition!

RCM Guitar Festival 

Documenting this amazing day with some of the very best talent in the guitar world today was a great pleasure. To view the film, please visit the social media page.

Bach2Baby Concert Season 

The greatest moments on stage across the county.

Fantastic Reviews on "Napulitano" ...


"Andrew Morris’ performance on this album, in my opinion, places him comfortably among some of the wonderful English tenors of recent time... Andrew Keeping, as ever, is a sensitive and generous accompanist. His work as producer and sound engineer on this album, is of the highest standard, and confirm him as a true Artisan in the field of music production and post- production... I have to say, that after much deliberation, my copy of “Napilutano” by the wonderful tenor Andrew Morris, accompanied by the exquisite guitar-playing of Andrew Keeping, now sits side by side, next to the master himself - Robert Murolo!”


The Classical Banksy -aka. Simon Roberts (winner of the Medallion D'Oro in Ortona at the Concorso Tostiano in 1996 - Neapolitan Song Award). 


""Thanks to the gorgeous and heartfelt performances by Andrews Morris & Keeping, I think we can safely say that Romance is not dead!"

Roxana Panufnik (Composer)


“I think the combination works really beautifully and I found myself immediately transported back to Italy!... It’s a really tastefully and musically recorded CD. Well done.”  

Tasmin Little - International Concert Violinist & Radio Presenter for Classic FM.

Ugo Benelli  

(regarded as one of the great Italian Operatic tenors 1960-1980)

"Very Beautiful. Sung with refined taste and accompanied in a splendid way by Andrew Keeping. Now that I've heard these songs with the guitar I can no longer listen to them with the orchestra.  I'll carry the CD with me in the car and listen to it often because it's enjoyable and relaxing. (“Napulitano”) is a CD dedicated to good taste and a precious gift."

Release on all music platforms,Mastered for ITunes of "Napulitano" (Neapolitan Songs) recorded by Andrew NMorris and Andrew Keeping. Recorded and Arrangements by KeepingMusic. Also just avilable are hard copy CD's available via the SHOP on the website. You can also download the programme notes.



Rodrigo 'Concierto De Aranjuez' with CRSO.

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