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"In the grand tapestry of life, there exist individuals who transcend their primary roles, crafting an impact through their altruism and dedication to societal betterment. Andrew Keeping, celebrated for his virtuosity as a classical guitarist, has woven a legacy that resonates far beyond the confines of concert halls and recording studios."

(LA Weekly 2024)


"Andrew Keeping continues championing awareness, breaking down barriers, and creating a brighter future with positive outcomes. His legacy is a reminder that advocacy and compassion can transform lives and shape a more inclusive society for future generations."

(Limitless Magazine USA Aug 23)


"As we reflect on Andrew Keeping’s inspiring career as a musician, producer, and advocate, it becomes evident that he has transcended the boundaries of a traditional artist. His passion, determination, and unwavering commitment paved the way for a more inclusive, accessible, and empowering music industry. His remarkable journey serves as a reminder that the power of music knows no limits and that harmonizing passion and purpose can create profound melodies of change."

(Mentor Magazine 2024)


"As you explore the chords and crescendos of Andrew Keeping’s musical journey, you’ll find more than just an artist – a curator of emotions, a painter of memories, and a melody weaver who crafts the extraordinary from the ordinary."

(California Weekly 2023)



"Andrew Keeping’s performances have solidified his position as an exceptional artist of our time. His ability to create beautiful moments, technical brilliance, and profound artistry have captivated audiences worldwide in regal settings and on grand stages."(Digital Buzz Magazine USA 2023)



" A genius with the classic guitar."
(Western Telegraph.)



" He has done more than most to promote British solo guitar."
(London Evening Standard.)



"There are many admirable qualities to this artist's playing,
particularly those of a finely cultivated tone and a very musical and clearly thought out way with the music. He is also unusually confident, fluent and informed in his spoken introductions."
(Classical Guitar Magazine)





"A musicians musician. His fingers convey a depth of 

emotion in every note."

(Sir Richard Rodney Bennett)

"Andrew Keeping showed his rare talents...
his brilliance emphasized that he is destined for a successful international career."
(Diari de Noticias. Lisbon)


"...stylish...considerable virtuosity..."

(Ham & High) 


" further evidence of his status as an artist of taste and skill."
(Musical Opinion.)


" an outstanding classical guitarist capable of amazing versatility and passion....his growing international reputation is well deserved."
(Harrow Times.)


" Andrew Keeping showed an extraordinary degree of control and sensitivity…It was an outstanding finale to a concert of traditional musical language mixed with a fascinating introduction to modern musical values by an artist who can communicate with conviction."
(Western Telegraph.)

Andrew with Oliver Hunt & John W Duarte (London's South Bank 1996)

"Andrew Keeping has a unique talent for  communication, both as a performer and as a personality. His mission to extend the appeal of the classical guitar is meeting with great success. Andrew chooses interesting programmes which combine popular classics and accessible contemporary music acceptable to both the general public and those interested in new works. He establishes a rapport with his audience by giving interesting preliminary talks before performing the pieces.

My aims as a composer are in many ways similar to Andrew's as a performer. But composers, who are a somewhat introverted lot, need champions like Andrew, who is not, to bring our work to the attention of the public. As a performer, Andrew can capture the spirit of new music instinctively. As an interpreter, he can fulfil the composers wishes and can put the music across to the audience with conviction. What more can a composer want?"

Oliver Hunt

(Composer/ Professor of Classical Guitar/ Musicologist)

"A mutual afficianado of all things musical; Andrew has an abundance of "life's rich tapestry" to bring to his interpretations and erudite introductions. He draws his audiences into the guitar itself and allows them to wollow in his musicality."


John W Duarte

(Musicologist/Reviewer for Gramaphone Magazine/ Composer)


Andrew was greatly honoured to be asked by John W. Duarte to perform at his 80th & 85th Birthday Celebration Concerts. Over the years, Andrew and John exchanged their own poems and comic verse on Post Cards from all parts of the globe. At the request of the Duarte family, Andrew gave a reading at John's Funeral, of  John's favourite poem written by Andrew for his 85th Birthday.


"To have the opportunity to play regularly with a world class guitarist like Andrew Keeping remains one of the highlights of my professional career. His sensitivity and musicality are extraordinary, qualities tempered by his sense of humour and joi de vivre! A gig with Andrew guarantees the highest quality music and a lot of fun for everyone involved."

Nina Clark


"Thanks you so much for your wonderful playing of the Rodrigo yesterday. I very much enjoyed working with you, you made it so easy. I also discovered just how difficult the Rodrigo is to conduct!

With all good wishes"

Peter Bassano (Conductor)

I met Andrew Keeping at the Royal Academy of Music, here in London, when we were students together. I was studying singing, and Andrew the Classical Guitar. He approached me with some music by Stephen Dodgson he wanted to perform (Andrew’s knowledge of repertoire is impressive), and we ended up performing a number of concerts together, culminating in a recital at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, in the presence of the composer himself. It was an unforgettable experience. 
Upon graduating, our careers took us off towards the four corners of the Globe, and I lost touch with him for some time. When my Opera career came full circle, and for health reasons I was forced to prematurely quit that stage, I returned to the UK, and began writing and producing music during my convalescence. 
It was at this point that I came across Andrew again, and was delighted when saw he had also begun his own business and music studio, and was also establishing himself as a composer. We immediately picked up the friendship we had shared while at college, and began looking for projects on which we could collaborate together.
As we began to catch up with each other’s lives, I was touched deeply by the way Andrew described the extraordinary work he and his wife are doing with young people, welcoming foster-children, many victims of abuse, and helping them rebuild their lives as members of the Keeping family. Although that doesn’t really surprise me: you couldn't be as good a musician as Andrew is, without being at least as good a human being.
To date, Andrew and I have collaborated on several projects. “The American Dream?” (, which features Andrew on Electric Guitar and fellow RAM alumnus Oliver Preece on trumpet, marked the launch of my label Lyric Media Group, in early 2017. This was followed up in Spring 2017 by my remix of Ray Tarantino’s “Futureblind,” (originally recorded in 2014), with Andrew providing some absolutely stunning Classical and Electric guitar. We have also worked together on commercial music for - literally - some household names, including Glade. 
The chance to get together with Andrew and make music the way we do, is always something I look forward to, because I know it will always be both a joy and a success. His musicality, versatility and sensitivity are unparalleled in my opinion. I trust his opinion and input implicitly. His criticism is always constructive, gentle and invaluable. As a former singer, I can at times be more histrionic than an instrumentalist would tend to be. Thankfully Andrew is the kind of guy who can take all that in his stride. I feel lucky to count such such a talented colleague among my collaborators, and privileged to be able to call him a friend.
Simon Roberts

(Bach to Baby Concert Series)

I felt compelled to email and say how much I enjoyed this morning's performance at St Margaret's Church in Rochester. I was there with my daughter and granddaughter. 

I was totally captivated by your talent and complete immersion in your music, your story and the way in which you interacted with the children. 

Very many thanks for sharing this with us particularly at such short notice. 

Very best wishes 
Angela Collins



(Claudio Contemporary 4628-2)



 "With this 1996 collection of 20th century guitar works Andrew Keeping goes a long way to justify a position as Julian Bream's natural successor in this area of the repertoire…For anyone interested in new and modern guitar music this disc is a must, not only for the compositions, but also for Andrew Keeping's playing, which is a joy throughout." ****(*)

(Classical Music on the Web.)


"A musicians musician. His fingers convey a depth of 

emotion in every note."

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett



" a joy from start to finish"
(What Hi-Fi?)


" a worthy disc with an exhilarating conclusion"
(Classical Guitar Magazine.)


" superbly atmospheric recording" 

(What Hi-Fi?)

“Delightfully eclectic mix of popular guitar pieces & encore numbers from Terrega and Sor to Gershwin and Kern…shows Keeping in fine technical form.

The recording is relatively close, giving us a chance to hear Keeping's fine technique in detail, whilst still allowing sufficient air round the sound. The combination of works on the disc is eclectic and it is perhaps a disc to dip into but Keeping's elegant performances and lovely tone quality make the disc well worth hearing.”

Robert Hugill – PlanetHugill – A World of Classical Music


**** (4 STAR REVIEW)

"Andrew Morris’ performance on this album, in my opinion, places him comfortably among some of the wonderful English tenors of recent time... Andrew Keeping, as ever, is a sensitive and generous accompanist. His work as producer and sound engineer on this album, is of the highest standard, and confirm him as a true Artisan in the field of music production and post- production... I have to say, that after much deliberation, my copy of “Napilutano” by the wonderful tenor Andrew Morris, accompanied by the exquisite guitar-playing of Andrew Keeping, now sits side by side, next to the master himself - Robert Murolo!”


Simon Roberts (winner of the Medallion D'Oro in Ortona at the Concorso Tostiano in 1996 - Neapolitan Song Award). 

Ugo Benelli  

(regarded as one of the great Italian Operatic tenors 1960-1980)

"Very Beautiful. Sung with refined taste and accompanied in a splendid way by Andrew Keeping. Now that I've heard these songs with the guitar I can no longer listen to them with the orchestra.  I'll carry the CD with me in the car and listen to it often because it's enjoyable and relaxing. (“Napulitano”) is a CD dedicated to good taste and a precious gift."



Tasmin Little - International Concert Violinist & Radio Presenter for Classic FM.

Comments made about "Napolitano" Album


“I really like the selection of songs – they’re all up my street! I particularly enjoy the more intimate and conversational setting of o sole mio .  I think the combination works really beautifully and I found myself immediately transported back to Italy!... It’s a really tastefully and musically recorded CD. Well done.”  


"Thanks to the gorgeous and heartfelt performances by Andrews Morris & Keeping, I think we can safely say that Romance is not dead!"


Roxana Panufnik (Composer)

Andrew, your videos are simply the best I have found in YouTube This video is very inspirational, you don't just give a recitation of tips like reading the grocery list. You deliver them in a way that motivates and inspires. I can see your passion for your art and your sincere desire to try others to improve. And I thank you for this because I'm a late starter (pretty late I'd say in terms of starting age, but not in terms of motivation). RoGar

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